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I am joining the ranks of March Sadness

Friday, March 21st, 2008

USC. I wish I had taken my first instinct on the USC Kansas State game. I’ve never been that impressed with USC in the games where I have seen them and I didn’t know what was going to change.¬† Beasley, after putting aside some early foul trouble, had a great game and played like they had something to prove. It’s too bad I have USC going to the Sweet 16 in some of my brackets.

And poor Belmont. I was pulling for you. After attending the University of Maryland for a couple of years I grew an intense hatred with the rest of the world against Duke. Winthrop lost the game, Duke didn’t win. They were doing everything they needed to do and exposed Duke. Duke shot poorly from behind the 3 point line, but I still think they’ve given teams a blue print on how to beat the Blue Devils.

Living in Utah, I took Texas A&M simply because I knew everybody else would take BYU. It’s a great way to pick up some points and it worked like a charm. BYU has lost something like their last¬† 6 straight tourney games. After a completely anemic 6 plus minutes at the start without scoring they lost a lot of their confidence. Besides a tied score at half time, A&M was just a much better team.

It should be an interesting second day. They are some great matchups and we’ll have some great days. My predictions for some early round “upsets”: Davidson will take it to Gonzaga winning comfortably, Saint Joe’s will OK a hard time and I think that Indiana is going to just get smoked. We’ll just how good the Big East is with ‘Nova going up against Clemson.

Poor Cornell

Thursday, March 20th, 2008

Well, it’s not looking good. Hopes shouldn’t have been too high for a 3-14 matchup anyways.